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Proper Blinds and an Exceptional Case of Quality

Blinds, which were once an attribute of boring and gray offices, are now actively used for furnishing apartments and houses. They occupy a minimum of space, do an excellent job with the function of protection from the sun’s rays and prying eyes, and most importantly, they can become an interior decoration, take at least photo blinds. Today, blinds of various designs, materials and colors are offered to the buyer, and the widest assortment turns into a real torture for an unprepared person. It is better to make a purchase fully armed, and for this it does not interfere in advance to figure out how to choose blinds for windows, what advantages and disadvantages their different types have, and which option will be best in each particular case. The good wooden venetian blinds are essential now.

Plastic blinds

Plastic blinds are widespread, used in kitchens,balconies, bathrooms and even living rooms. Plastic is used to create mainly horizontal blinds, and among its main advantages:

  • low price
  • hygiene and ease of care
  • the possibility of staining in any color and applying the texture of any material (for example, wood)

However, some recognize the plastic is not enough aesthetic for use in residential areas, but this is a matter of taste.

The Advantages and Types of Blinds

Modern blinds, regardless of design features, have the following advantages:

  • Space saving and low weight of the structure
  • Practicality and ease of use
  • Functionality
  • Ample opportunities to regulate the flow of sunlight
  • Ease of care
  • Grand choice

Blinds confidently compete with the usual types of curtains and often triumph in this competition. Moreover, to organize space on the balcony is almost the only suitable option.


We are accustomed to, that blinds consist of thin lames interconnected. Depending on their location, blinds are divided into vertical and horizontal. In addition, the group of blinds often includes structures in which instead of lamellae a solid fabric is used; these are roller blinds and pleated curtains.

The Jaundice of the Baby

What usually happens when there is a conflict between the mother’s and the baby’s blood type, or if there is an Rh factor between them. Allegedly, during childbirth, maternal blood is mixed with the baby’s blood and it’s just this (albeit insignificant) amount of blood that is enough for the mother’s antibodies to destroy the karamus blood cells. This process triggers the mechanism when bilirubin is produced. This bake is also called tissue poison, which is very slowly released. The good at home jaundice treatment is essential.

For the sake of interest, she clarified and found out that we have one Rhesus factor with the princess and the same blood group. So this version is a mystery to me in our case. The doctors did not give me an answer, evasively explaining that in addition to this there are a number of other factors.

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